Wanderlust Fashion


"The earth is what we all have in common." Wendell Berry 

Eco-Friendly Fabrics

Travel can be life-changing, but it takes a big toll on the climate. It is for this reason that our 'travel enthusiast' founder is so selective in choosing brands that are eco-friendly. So, for our eco-conscious wanderlusts, we offer sustainable and eco-friendly fashion and accessories.


Our Story

Fashion that takes you places. - L'aube Boutique

L'aube Boutique is an establised woman veteran-owned clothing boutique, based in the Central Valley, California. Our handpicked and carefully selected styles are for the traveling woman. If you love to travel, then you will appreciate our 'travel-ready' looks that will provide comfort and ease as you explore the world. Our unique selections are aimed to compliment your wanderlust lifestyle.

Passion and Purpose-Driven

Our founder's passion for fashion and travel led us here! Fariza is originally from the exotic twin islands of Trinidad & Tobago, located in the Caribbean. Fashion has always been a part of her life. In her tender years and into her early teens, Fariza's clothes were designed and handmade by her mother, who was a professional seamstress on the island. Her mother even designed, sewed and hand-painted Fariza's outfits that she wore at fashion shows in her community.

Fashionista & Wanderlust

Fariza is a travel enthusiast and world traveler. She has explored six continents and has a deep appreciation for culture, people, simple and sustainable living. Fariza carefully handpicks styles that resonate with her eclectic personality, her love for fashion, travel and the environment. She takes pride in dressing, from head to toe, in pieces from L'aube Boutique, as she satisifies her wanderlust lifestyle.

Woman Veteran-Owned

Fariza has proudly and faithfully given 23 years in service to our country. "While my time 'in service' has come to an end, I can honestly say that my dedication and commitment to serving my country and other veterans will be life-long," says Fariza.