Splurge On Some Vibrant Colors

Who does not like vibrant colors?
So, vibrant colors make you stand out from the rest!
They are perfect colors for both women and men who tend to be shy. Vibrant colors can hide your shyness, by adding some boast and 'glow' to your personality, which puts you in the spotlight in a confident way. Personally, I believe this to be true! If anyone disagrees with that, please comment and share with the rest of us why you believe otherwise. I always welcome feedback from my customers and followers; we can learn so much from each other. So, please feel free to comment as you wish.
Back to colors, I have put together this look for our #plussize #women, who feel they need to hide behind their dark colors. So, I hope to encourage our plus-size women to stop hiding behind their dark colors. Bring out the confident and brighter side of you with vibrant colors!
In this look, I have incorporated a variety of colors and #fashiontrends to create an #eclecticstyle for our plus-size women. One of the things that I always tell my clients is to always create a look that is fitting for your personal style. Developing your personal style is not difficult to do. Take a chance on you to be different from others; basically, own your style! Fashion trends are constantly changing and can get very costly. Developing your personal style would save you money, leaving you room to invest in other enjoyable things in life...like traveling the world! #imallindamix So, please consider that next time you shop, whether online or in-store. 
This coral and blue #maxidress is available in XL to 2XL. Rock your sunny day with this look, that is lightweight and breathable fabric (rayon and spandex). I love the contrast between the stripes on the bodice, instead of the skirt, and the whimsical mix of colors on the skirt. Personally, I think this dress would accentuate our full-figure women perfectly, drawing the attention to the upper body and away from the fuller areas, i.e., hips, buttocks and thighs. It also gives an elongated appearance; so, that in itself will make you appear taller!
Fashion Accessories
Fashion Tip: One very useful tip, that always works for me, is to lay out your clothing, as if you were painting from a blank canvas.
Who else, besides me, likes to paint?
"LIFE is like a blank canvas. Throw all the paint you can at it."
- I'm All In Da Mix
(Photo credit to I'm All In Da Mix)
Lay out your fashion accessories next to your clothing items; get creative and try not to stick with just one color, trend or brand. Pick your footwear and add it to the layout. What this will do is give you a full picture of how your outfit would look when it is all put together. This will also diminish your stress level, because many of us get stressed when it comes to dressing. When my customers would come to my boutique, I used to encourage them to leave the thought behind of whether or not the outfit would look good on you. My exact words, "First, let us have you try it on and then we could change it if you don't like it." Nine times out of ten, they would end up liking what they tried on. You cannot know if you like something if you do not try it! That is also the reason why I enjoy boutique shopping over big stores. You get that individual attention that most big stores don't offer.
Eclectic Style
Eclectic style means just that; a mix of trends, brands, old and new clothing pieces, accessories, jewelry items, all put together to create your unique look. Also, you would be surprised at how much money you could save, and still look very fashionable and in style, as compared to other traditional fashion styles. Bottom line, you will feel less stressed and have more fun dressing up. Dressing up is supposed to be fun not stressful! So, avoid thinking too much about what to wear and if it would look good on you mindset. That is too stressful and will discourage from the overall fun experience you should have when #playingdressup!
Oh ladies, this is my most difficult task when putting an outfit together for myself. Let's just say that no kind of footwear is ever more comfortable for me than my combat boots! (lol) Find what works best for those precious feet of yours. As we 'grow younger' in age (smile), we should always remember self-care is the most important part of being a woman. You have to take care of that #wholebody concept! What I typically do, and it works for me now after many trials and tribulations, is to wear the footwear that I would really like to wear with the put together look, but take another comfortable pair of shoes that I could change into if I need to. This has truly helped me tremendously! Do you have any other suggestions for women out there, with similar issues as mine? Please share with us all! We need your secret! Please, and thank you.
As you will see in the photo and video above, I chose a comfortable slip-on sandals, with bright colors to bring out the dress and tie in all the other colors from our jewelry pieces. These sandals definitely add a pop of #personality to this #sunnyday look. Wouldn't you say?
All items are available on laubeboutique.com!
Don't forget to shop our #jewelrysale before it ends tomorrow (June 7, 2019) at midnight.
I hope you have gained some insight in this post and feel encouraged to step out and let them see you shine. No matter what size, color or background, go out and shine in this world! Someone out there is looking at you to inspire them! Much love to all you fabulous women (and men) out there, who are reading my posts and following me.
Feel free to share with others; sharing is loving and caring! Don't forget to be creative, develop your personal style and have fun playing dress up!
Thank you for taking the time to read my post!
L'aube Boutique
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