Put On Your Cheery Hues

Spring is such a fun season to express your true colors! It has something to do with that renewed feeling we get each year, following the dreadful Winter season. It is a great time to clean out your closets, pack away those 'Winter blues' and put on your cheery hues. Share your excitement for the new season by mixing it up a bit. Think outside the box and have fun expressing your seasonal joy.

Mixing it up does not have to mean pre-planning your wardrobe. On the contrary, mixing it up simply means grabbing items from your closest and just going with the flow. I have found that the best way to go with the flow is to simply grab and wear; you don't have to try on your outfits before you wear them! The idea is to not stress about what to wear or what looks best on you, rather have fun dressing up.
In this photo, I laid out my main piece of clothing, which is this bold pink over sized tunic. By doing so, I have created a palette for all the colors and trends that I wish to add to my look. The rest is so simple!
Just add your footwear, mix and match jewelry and a variety of fashion accessories. This particular style is an 'eclectic' style, which is a mix of many different pieces representing different fashion trends. This flowy tunic (boho), eylelet bra (vintage), jewelry pieces (bohemian-inspired), cowboy hat, and these (boho-chic) lace up embroidered sandals created my perfect 'vacay ready' look!
A look that is unique to my individual style and personality.
Hope you enjoyed the read!
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